Commercial IP CCTV

Advanced Anti Crime SolutionsĀ are now pleasedĀ to be able to offer the very latest IP CCTV Cameras from MOBOTIX.

We can offer Hybrid Systems which utilise the existing cctv wiring with technology from Network Video Technologies or NVT to integrate High Definition CCTV in or IP CCTV in their place. This can take the cost of a system to a more economical level as the legacy wiring, usually installed at considerable cost, can be utilised in the new system. Mobotix also offer this technology giving an overall low Total Cost of Ownership of the system.

Mobotix, with whom we work, also offer bi-directional (two-way) audio on their cameras and these can be integrated with access control and lighting & heating controls from experts such as Netgenium in this field.

We also offer IP CCTV and its associated controls from Videotec who specialise in on-shore marine surveillance solutions. Available throughout the world..

The very latest Avigilon High Definition IP CCTV cameras are available to purchase directly or have installed.

We also have 360 Degree Bi-directional Voice & Audio IP CCTV Cameras set up on display. These cameras have Digital Pan Tilt & Zoom, and record the entire 360 Degrees of video, and audio even when you are zooming into one area. If you would like to see and test any of our systems, please..

Wireless IP Technology solutions are also available.

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