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Having over 30 Years of experience working in the aircraft industry, from the Production of Bombardier Aircraft to becoming a Freelance Contractor in numerous companies throughout the world, many instances of Corrosion has been witnessed. Be it a Passenger Aircraft, a Luxury Jet, a Helicopter or whatever flies through the skies, CORROSION will always be a problem.

For the past 12 years I have been working for a major MRO in Europe. 10 years of which I have been working in their Flight Control Shop, repairing all flight controls but mainly the Flaps. During this time I have repaired hundreds of Flaps on all variations of the ATR 42, 72, all have the same problem, whether material is 2024 or 7075, CORROSION.

Repairs will of course vary depending on the corrosion level but in experience if you see one rib is corroded it will lead to many more being corroded and therefore expensive.

Should I protect my aircraft before or repair after?

You have a choice

Not Protected

Corrosion after 4 years service not protected

100% Cost


Apply our Corrosion Protection Application Day One

Save 95%

Corrosion comes in many different forms within the aerospace industry: surface, exfoliation, intergranular, pitting etc. Corrosion leads to expensive repairs, aircraft downtime and of course reduced safety.


4x flaps - an average cost of repair can be around 60,000 euros for each flap 240,000 euros per set.

Corrosion protection can lead to 95% SAVINGS in repair costs

Our Services


Cleaning of flight control internally and externally to remove any dirt or foreign objects if required.


Drying of the internal structure.


Apply the Corrosion Inhibiting Compound to the entire internal structure using a Non Metallic Wand /Lance.


Apply the corrosion inhibiting compound externally where required e.g. Flap Arms, Flap Drive Fittings, Cam Guides, Flap End Ribs.


We will ensure all areas internally and externally are protected.


We will keep a detailed report on each flight control, part number, serial number, Aircraft Registration, date of protection applied, date for reapplication of protection as recommended by manufacturer.

There’s no better time to start protecting than now!
The earlier the better!

The next time you look out the window and think “that looks good”
Remember it’s the inside that matters

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